Friday, December 25, 2009

Appreciation and apology

First of all, I would like to convey an unlimited thanks to my fellow friends who had wished me for my birthday. This year's celebration was unexpected, would post more about it when I hav time.

Next, I would also want to apologize for not posting about my trip according to date, it's really hard for me as I hav never stayed in one place for long, I live like a nomad. Exhausted but great. Will post more about my trip most probably after I get back to Malaysia. I am finding a very hard time to locate a strong connection here. Anyway, I'll be heading to San franc first thing in the morning. It's a 6 hour plus drive and it'll be very cold there, approximately 20 to 30 degrees farenheit ( it's a negative number in degree celcius), so I'll be bundling up for the cold weather. Will be staying there for 4 days.

Last of all, I wish everybody a merry Christmas and enjoy the rest of the holidays!

PS( kh, sy and pn lai ): I can't reali find iPhones here yet cause most of them need to sign contract in order to have an iPhone. Will try my very best to find the proper store for u guys, really sorry for the delayed notice.

*to anyone who is with kae hoong now, pls inform him that the price for a GPS ( garmin ) cost about $99 to $169, no guarantee whether applicable in malaysia or not but it seems extra chargers is added to download the local map.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Arrival At LA

Hello to all^^, first time blogging, so hope u guys enjoy it...

After 15 years,finally am able to return to my 'hometown'.....

Arrived at LA at 2015hrs, having butt sore after 16 draining flying hrs,but the facilities provided were enough to 'distract' me from the torturing times.

* taken after a slight air turbulence

*At HK international airport....

*Mum and bro outside Tom Bradley terminal...

*Tom Bradley terminal entrance(arrival hall)

To those goin to S'pore, hope u guys enjoy urself and have a pleasant trip!